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Conclusions a few fundamental relationships are typical to those margins:

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Conclusions a few fundamental relationships are typical to those margins:

  • Rifting activity continues for a considerable time frame before breakup and seafloor spreading that is subsequent. For the Nova Scotian margin this era ended up being since great as 40-50 Ma, when it comes to Newfoundland margin 30-40 Ma as well as for Labrador 40-65 Ma. Pulses of volcanic task during rifting may possibly occur causing platform uplift as a consequence of localized underplating and/or thinning for the lithosphere, however these pulses appear to be localized instead of local in degree. Hence the margins are predominantly non-volcanic.
  • The spatial level of main rift task ultimately ultimately causing breakup regarding the southern margin stretches laterally to your adjacent margin into the north. Hence the belated Triassic to Early Jurassic rifting regarding the Scotian margin additionally impacted the Grand Banks as well as the belated Jurassic to Early Cretaceous rifting regarding the Grand Banks additionally impacted the Labrador margin.
  • A area of transitional cellar

150 kilometer wide exists seaward regarding the extended continental crust and landward of this very first oceanic crust that is normal. This area is related to characteristic changes in cellar morphology and level throughout the change area, with all the deepest, flat-lying cellar from the landward part and elevated cellar highs from the side that is seaward. One possibility is the fact that this area is made up mainly of serpentinized mantle with only minor quantities of crustal melt (Louden and Chian, 1999). The presence of this change area is probably a result of extremely sluggish prices or numerous durations of expansion.

  • Extra refraction that is crustal recently undertaken from the Newfoundland and Scotian margins will assist you to show perhaps the crustal variants previously observed down Labrador are typical to these other margins.
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